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£50 Eligibility appeal
We are delighted to confirm a £50 reduction on household bills will be applied from April 2013.

Here are the top things you need to know about the reduction:

  1. The reduction is for billed household customers whose homes are within our service area                    
  2. It will be automatically deducted from your bill - look out for the line 'Government Contribution' on your bill
  3. It's a flat rate reduction of £50 per year - it's not linked to how much water you use
  4. The reduction starts from April 2013 and will run every year to 2020
  5. Tenants and neighbours who share a supply should have the reduction passed on to them if they pay through a third party (landlords, housing association, park home manager) for water and their living accommodation is liable for Council Tax. In these cases, the bill payer needs to register for the reduction. Please read the pages on 'Landlords and tenants' or 'Joint supply '
  6. In rare circumstances where a bill is less than £50 per year, the customer will receive a reduction up to the amount they pay
  7. None of the government funding will be retained by South West Water
  8. The reduction is aimed to address the unfairness of three per cent of the nation's population in South West Water's supply region supporting the £2 billion Clean Sweep clean-up of a third of the country's bathing waters
  9. Combined with the £50 reduction, the average annual household bill for water and sewerage services in our area is expected to fall in 2013/14 by 7.3% to £499. However, the exact amount you pay depends on your tariff and the amount of water you use or the rateable value of your property.

For more information on how it affects you in particular see the boxes below: 

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Metered customers Unmetered customers Business customers
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Joint supply Landlords and tenants What's it about?

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