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'The £50 Reduction' FAQs
Common questions about 'The £50 Reduction'
£50 Eligibility appeal
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Metered customers will see the reduction appear on their bills for 2013/14 from April.

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 Who will get the reduction?

Householders billed by South West Water are entitled to the reduction as well as some customers who pay for their water and/or sewerage services through another party. Please remember the reduction is £50 for qualifying customers and not linked to water use.

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 How will it be paid?

The reduction will be automatically deducted from your bills throughout the year. Look out for the line 'Government Contribution' on your bills.

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 Why doesn't it show as £50 on my bill?

Metered customers pay in monthly, quarterly or half yearly instalments, so the reduction will be shown across these bills e.g. customers with quarterly bills will see £12.50 CR on each of their four bills.

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 What happens if I move during the year?

If you move to another home within our service area, the reduction will still apply. The reduction amounts you receive on your old and new bills will be adjusted to reflect the number of days you spend in each property.

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 How is my bill calculated?

As people move house within our region, we will need to recalculate their £50 reduction in proportion to the number of days lived at each property. A full £50 reduction for the year works out as 13.7 pence per day. For closing bills because you have moved out, the Government Contribution will be recalculated at 13.7pence per day from 1 April to the date you leave your old home. For people moving in part way through the year, the Government Contribution amount will be calculated at 13.7pence per day from the date they move in until 31 March. Overall, your Government Contribution will total £50 per household per year.

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 My yearly bill is less than £50; what reduction will I receive?

In rare circumstances where your bill is less than £50 per year, you will receive a reduction up to the amount you pay.

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