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Wet weather update

Our staff have been working round the clock to deal with the challenges caused by the extremely heavy rain and flooding over the weekend (24 and 25 November 2012).

The sheer volume of surface water entering the sewerage network is overloading the system in some places. In others our own sites are cut off or affected by flood water.

We are still receiving a large number of calls from customers and have drafted in extra staff to help. We are currently prioritising calls from customers whose homes have been flooded over calls about external flooding.

Please be reassured that your call will be dealt with but we do need to deal with the most urgent first.

You can find more information on our website about what to do if your home has been flooded by a sewer or drain: www.southwestwater.co.uk/sewerflooding

Updated: 8.20am Monday 26 November 2012

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