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Assessed Charges explained

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Water Meter
Assessed charges for domestic customers

Assessed Charges for water and sewerage services will be offered where a domestic customer has applied for a meter but the cost of installing a meter would be unreasonable or it would not be practical to install a meter and where no agreement has been made for a single meter to serve more than one property. The Assessed Charges will be:

• Single Person Assessed Charge
• Two person Assessed Charge
• Multi-occupancy Assessed Charge

What are this year's Assessed Charge rates?

The Assessed Charge is based on the average consumption of households of the relevant size on a meter from our long-running household consumption measurement programme.

Following a meter option survey where it is confirmed that it is not be possible to fit a meter the surveyor will forward your details to the Accounts department for an Assessed Charge to be applied.  However, a domestic customer may continue to pay unmeasured charges for the property that they are occupying if they so wish. The current rate of a single, two person or multiple person occupancy assessed charges can be found by downloading the Charges Scheme on the right.

Please remember you pay for the services you use, so if you have water, sewerage and surface water, the total amount you pay for the year will be those three services added together. Standing charges are included.

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