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Eligibility appeal

image depicting £50 eligibility appeal
£50 eligibility appeal
The £50 reduction is for 'household' customers. A household bill is a bill for water and/or sewerage services supplied to a property for which the occupier is liable to pay Council Tax.

Commercial premises are not eligible for the reduction unless there is a separate living space where the tenant is liable for Council Tax and pays the commercial landlord for water and sewerage services. If this applies to you then please check out Landlords and tenants for more information. 

If your bill does not show a 'Government Contribution' reduction, it is because our records indicate that your property is used for commercial purposes.

If you believe your property has been wrongly classified and you only pay Council Tax for your property, please complete the appeal form below.

When we receive your information, we will check the Council Tax information for your home on the District Valuation Office (DVO) website.

If this confirms that Council Tax is payable and the property is not for mixed use, we will amend your account so that you receive the full £50 discount for 2013/14.

If the DVO website shows your property as mixed use, we will not apply the £50 discount to your account but you may still qualify under landlord/tenant rules so please read Landlords and tenantsbefore completing the appeal if your property is mixed use.

If we cannot find your property on the DVO website we may need to ask you to send us a copy of your latest Council Tax bill.

    1. I hereby appeal against your classification of my property as commercial premises and confirm that as the occupier, I pay - or am liable to pay – Council Tax only on my property.
    2. (see top left corner of bill)

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