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Help with metered bills - the WaterCare Tariff

You may qualify for a social tariff to help reduce your bill if you are on a very low income.

You may qualify if:

  1. You are on a water meter or on assessed charges
  2. The person who pays the water bill or someone in your household receives one or more of the following means tested benefits:
    • Housing Benefit
    • Income Support
    • Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance
    • Income-based Employment and Support Allowance
    • Pension Credit (guaranteed element)
  3. Your 'equivalised' weekly income, after housing costs, is less than £295

(Equivalised income is actual money income which is adjusted to reflect the size and composition of a household). For example, with equivalisation, an income of £200 per week is worth more to a single person household than it would be to a household with three children. We will work out your equivalised income based on the details you supply.

There are three bands offering a percentage reduction off the standard metered charges, depending on the calculated level of weekly equivalised income after housing costs:

Bill and hand

• weekly equivalised income less than £170 offers a 50% reduction
• weekly equivalised income less than £235 offers a 25% reduction
• weekly equivalised income less than £295 offers a 15% reduction

To apply, please print, complete and return the Application Form on the right along with supporting documents to:  FREEPOST WATERCARE TARIFF  (note: no address details needed

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