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Sea wall at Livermead, Torquay

Waste water services in Torquay are running normally again after repairs to a key sewer at Torbay Road, Livermead, following a sea wall collapse earlier this week.

Engineers working for South West Water finished installing 16 metres of new pipework to reconnect the main sewer from Torquay to Brokenbury Sewage Treatment Works late on Friday evening. The network has been tested overnight and has returned to normal operation. As a result, the emergency overflow system at Hope's Nose is no longer being employed to divert flows to the sea. The tankering operation from Cockington Sewage Pumping Station to Brokenbury has also ceased.

South West Water would like to thank Torbay Council and contractors May Gurney and R&M who have been working around the clock under difficult conditions since Monday to complete these emergency repairs as soon as possible.

South West Water's Head of Waste Water Richard Gilpin, said: "We are pleased to confirm everything is running normally. We have completed the repair and tested the system and there is no need to utilise the overflow at Hope's Nose any longer.

"We apologise to everyone in Torquay for the inconvenience we know this has caused. This has been a real engineering challenge but we have worked hard together to quickly resolve the situation."

Updated: 6 April 2013


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