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Find out who's your retailer is?

Non household retail market opens

Open water
From 1 April 2017 if you are (an eligible*) business in England you'll now be able to choose your own retailer for water and sewerage services.

We will sell wholesale water and sewerage services to retailers, who will re-sell these services to you as business customers. So you'll be able to compare which retailer has the best deal for you.

Your Retailer: will manage your bills, payments, reading your meter and advise you about saving water. You'll find their contact details on your latest bill

There's more information on the Open Water website 

A list of retailers who operate in your area can be found here - Find a supplier

If you are a retailer, please refer to our Wholesale services site.

*You can find out if your business is eligible here or by reading Ofwat's full guidance.

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If you haven't yet switched then your retail services will still be via South West Water Business

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