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Water Service Pipe Responsibilities

South Water Water's legal responsibility for water service pipes ends at the boundary of the street in which a water main is laid, as indicated in the diagram below.

In most cases, this corresponds with the street boundary bordering the customer's property.  

Service pipe responsibilities general diagram

The homeowner is responsible for the supply pipe from the boundary of the street in which the main is laid all the way into their home.

If the pipe crosses other privately or publicly owned land, the pipe is still the homeowner's responsibility and the homeowner will also need to negotiate access with the landowner. 

It is the homeowner's responsibility to keep the supply pipe in good order, in the same way as they are responsible for their plumbing.

The diagram above shows the most usual arrangement, but other arrangements exist. Please download the information sheets on the right to view other arrangements such as shared supplies, houses located beyond the end of the main, water mains alongside the road, or multiple-occupancy arrangements.


You can report a leak on this page: Report a leak. If the leak is on your supply pipe, you will need to contact a plumber or a ground worker. We can provide you with details of contractors to assist you with your repair. If you repair your pipe within 30 days of discovering it, we may be able to make a contribution to the cost.

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