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Emergency response to bad weather

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Extra gangs have been deployed and staff put on standby to respond to bad weather this weekend.

However, with the extremely heavy rainfall we have experienced, we have had to prioritise customers who have had the distressing experience of sewer flooding inside their house.

If you have contacted us about sewer flooding in the street or outside your house, please bear with us. We will attend and clear up the area; however, it will take us time to get through the backlog of calls.

Head of Waste Water, Richard Gilpin, said: "We always work extremely hard during bad weather to try to clear blockages, keep pumps working and keep stormwater moving away from homes and roads.  

However, sometimes the volume of storm water entering our sewers is just too great and everything spills out through manholes, or, occasionally, backs up into houses. We will always send staff to clear up, but sometimes when we have a hundreds of calls we have to prioritise these to attend to the most urgent first."

Published: 27 October 2013

For further information please contact:

Press Office
South West Water

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