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Chlorine and other tastes

image depicting Chlorine and other tastes
Chlorine and other tastes

Chlorine tastes

A slight taste of chlorine is likely to be normal for your supply area.

Small amounts of chlorine are required to protect the water from harmful bacteria and we carefully monitor the amount present to make sure it its always safe to drink.

Earthy, musty or mouldy tastes

Seasonal tastes can occur in drinking water due to the presence of algae in our rivers and reservoirs. The algae is removed during the treatment process, but a residual taste can occasionally persist, however this is harmless.

Fuel tastes

Oily tastes should be reported to South West Water straight away on 0344 346 2020*. Look for fuel or oil spillages on the driveway or in front of the house as they can get through a plastic service pipe and affect the quality of your water supply.

Other tastes

Strong chlorine, antiseptic, metallic or bitter tastes can be caused by plumbing fittings. For help in identifying the cause and for further information about tastes and odours in drinking water, click on the download below.

Washing machines and dishwashers

The cold feed hose to your appliance can influence the taste of tap water, as the water from the hose can be pulled back and through to the kitchen tap. Fitting a non-return valve between the feed hose an its supply pipe will prevent back-siphonage and can in turn, eliminate a potential source of unpleasant tastes.

To receive non-return valves and simple fitting instructions free of charge, click here or on the link below and complete the on-line form.

Taste and odour
Non-return valve form
Top 10 tips


Non return valve order formTop 10 tips for keeping water safe

*03 numbers are charged at standard rates and will be included in any free minutes in a mobile or landline phone contract.

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