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Leaks FAQs

All you need to know about leaks
Is it my responsibility to repair a leak on my service pipe?
Yes. If there is a leak on your service pipe it is your responsibility to repair it. We have a list of Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved contractors who are familiar with this type of work and operate in your area and therefore may be able to help you repair your leaking service pipe. You may of course select any alternative contractor you wish to carry out the necessary repair. You can download the list of contractors by area on the right hand side. To find out which area covers your property, please use the Advisory Contractor Area Map.

What if I share my pipework with my neighbours?
If a leak is occurring on a section of pipe for which one person only is responsible, that person needs to arrange for its repair. However, if it is not clear where the leak is, or it is a section of pipe used by a number of properties, it is the joint responsibility of the owners of those properties concerned to reach an agreement on what needs to be done. We would suggest you appoint one person to represent you all. However, if you feel you are unable to approach your neighbour you will need to contact a representative or solicitor to act on your behalf.

What financial help will South West Water give me?
If you have a leak on your internal plumbing, you will need to get a plumber to help you fix it. we will not be able to help you fix an internal leak or help you with the cost of repairs.

If you have a leak on your private underground service pipe, while we will not help you find and repair the leak, if you send us a copy of the invoice for the work and providing that it was done within 30 days of you becoming aware of the leak, we will make a 'once only' discretionary contribution of up to £100 towards your costs. If your service pipe has been replaced in its entirety, again send us a copy of the invoice for the work and our discretionary contribution will be up to £250.

Can I claim an allowance for the excess water recorded on my meter?

The first time you have a leak on your underground private service pipe, we will grant you a discretionary allowance for both the water and sewerage elements of your bill so that you do not pay any more than you usually pay. This is subject to you having stopped the leak by repairing your service pipe within 30 days of receiving a notice from us suggesting that you might have a leak or receiving a bill showing higher than normal water use (which should cause you to check for a leak).

Customers will only be offered a maximum of two allowances per customer per property occupation. Any subsequent charges raised as a result of service pipe leakage will remain payable by the customer. Allowances will only be backdated over the last two meter readings.

How can I report a leak?
We are very grateful to customers who report apparent leaks from our water mains to us. To report a leak please call 0800 230 0561or follow the instructions below to report a leak online.

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