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What to do if you have low pressure or an interruption in supply?

If there is a sudden reduction in pressure or loss of water which we have not advised you of in advance you should first make the following checks:

1. If we are aware of a problem in your area there will be details on In your area

2. Check your cold water supply at the first tap off the supply pipe which is normally the kitchen sink. If the pressure here is normal or if you have cold water but no hot water this indicates an internal plumbing problem. Details of plumbers in your area can be obtained from the WaterSafe approved contractors web site.
If the flow from your shower is low try adjusting the thermostat to increase the flow.

3. Check that your internal stop tap is fully open (turn anti-clockwise to open). It is often under the kitchen sink but may be located in a cupboard in a hall way or an outbuilding attached to the property.

Find out now where your internal stop tap is so that in the event of a problem with your plumbing you can quickly isolate the supply at that point.

Stop Tap

4. If you are able to, check the external stop tap is fully open. The external stop tap is often located at the boundary of your property, perhaps in the footpath or verge, and is located under a plastic or metal cover marked "Water" or "W"

Stop tap covers
5. If the stop tap is covered in silt do not use bare hands to remove the debris (unfortunately there have been cases of used needles being disposed of in these chambers). The stop tap may be an older style brass one which is opened anticlockwise, or a quarter turn plastic valve (again open anticlockwise) built into meter housing.
Meter housing
6. If the external stop tap is fully open, and if you have a water meter fitted at the boundary of your property, you can check if there is a leak on your underground supply pipe or plumbing system, which can cause a reduction in pressure and flow to your taps and appliances, by undertaking a meter check
If you don't have a water meter it is worth listening for a constant 'hissing' sound of escaping water or looking for an unexpected damp patch along the line of the underground supply pipe if you think there is a leak. If you have a problem with your underground supply pipe this is your responsibility.
Please notify us as we may be able to offer a contribution towards the cost of repair or renewal and if you have a water meter you may be able to claim a leak allowance.

7. If you suspect a problem with the mains supply or the communication pipe part of the service pipe supplying your property up to your property boundary, or require any further advice, please call us on 0344 346 2020.

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