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How to find and operate your stop tap

image depicting Internal stop tap
Internal stop tap
Your property is required by law to have an internal stop tap. This is so that you can turn off your water supply in an emergency.

We recommend that you know where your stop tap is and how it works.

The location of stop taps can vary depending on the style and age of your property.

If you don't know where your stop tap is, have a look at How to find your internal stop tap.

If you can't find or operate your internal stop tap, you will need to contact a plumber.

South West Water recommends using a WaterSafe approved contractor.

External stop tap

External stop taps are the responsibility of South West Water.

They form part of our distribution network and should only be used by the public in an emergency, for example if you are unable to find or operate your internal stop tap and need to turn off your water supply.

The external stop tap is often located at the boundary of your property, perhaps in the footpath or verge, and will probably be under a plastic or metal cover marked "Water" or "W".

See Turning off the external stop tap for more information.

If you have any difficulties operating the external stop tap please contact us.

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