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South West Devon

image depicting Mothecombe © Helen Mildmay-White
Mothecombe © Helen Mildmay-White
A £7million scheme to deliver even cleaner seas off South West Devon was successfully completed in time for the start of the 2015 official bathing water season.

To improve bathing water quality at Mothecombe, South West Water has made improvements to the sewerage network in Ivybridge, Ermington, Modbury and Holbeton.

This included increasing the storm storage capacity in the network to reduce the number of storm discharges to the River Erme during extremely wet weather.

Work started in June 2014 and was completed in March 2015.

Senior Project Manager Mike Court said: "We believe that, with the help of the local community, this major investment will ensure that the people of South West Devon continue to enjoy the benefits of top-quality bathing water for many years to come."

You can help by checking your property is correctly connected to the foul drainage system - investigations by the Environment Agency and South West Water have identified that homes with plumbing that is incorrectly connected into the surface water system are a source of faecal pollution to some of the bathing waters in the South West. Some drains lead directly to rivers and beaches, so please don't pour paints, oils or chemicals down them. Nappies, wipes, cotton buds, fat, oil and food waste can all block drains and cause pollution so please dispose of them correctly.

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