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Welcome to South West Water's first blog.

image depicting Alan Hyde
Alan Hyde
As a newcomer to the water industry, I've been struck by how much goes on behind-the-scenes, the lengths to which staff go to deliver the best possible service and the specialist skills needed to deliver it.

Alan Hyde
Most of this great work goes unnoticed - up to now that is.

Over the coming months we plan to share with you a range of interesting insights into some of the work done by our dedicated staff as they supply you with clean drinking water and remove your waste water. 

Our engineers, ecologists, planners, operators, lab technicians, customer service teams and others will be sharing their professional passions and opening a window onto their working worlds.

As you might imagine it requires a massive team effort to deliver clean, reliable drinking water and even cleaner seas, as well as protecting people and property from sewer flooding and caring for our natural environment.

Inevitably there are some serious challenges to overcome, such as the impact of a growing population, wetter winters and drier summers, and not everything goes to plan all of the time. But we've been working hard to devise new, innovative ways to address the challenges we face and deliver what customers want and value.  Indeed, to shape our 2015-20 business plan we undertook our biggest ever consultation, setting a new standard in customer engagement.

Going forwards, we're keen to communicate with customers in new and more relevant ways.  Historically the water industry has not done enough to explain what it does and where the investment is spent.  And too often the communications has been ad hoc and reactive, rather than planned and proactive. 

In the short time I've been here I've been hugely impressed at all the behind-the-scenes activity at South West Water, focused on delivering a service that many, understandably, either take for granted or never notice. 

I hope we'll be able to give you a better understanding of what we do and how and why we do it, and that you'll be pleasantly surprised at what our staff do on your behalf.

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