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On the road

Customer Caravan Assistant/Driver Terry Miller spends his working life on the road visiting towns, cities, events and schools across Devon and Cornwall

Terry Miller
"The customer service caravan - what's that?" is the question I am frequently asked. Well, it's what it says on the tin - a 3.5 tonne exhibition trailer, kitted out with kitchen and toilet and loads of useful literature and giveaways for customers, which we take to shows, events and schools across Devon and Cornwall.

I probably have the best job in the company as far as I'm concerned, as I am always out and about meeting all types of interesting people.

I started to work for South West Water as a temp. It was only going to be five months' work, driving the caravan and setting up at events, but 16 years later I'm still flying the flag for South West Water so I must be doing something right!

Sam and Jackie are also part of the caravan team and between us we have been asked every question you can imagine about water.

We attend all types of events such as the Devon County Show and Royal Cornwall Show, our main shows in the South West, but we also attend smaller events - sometimes with the caravan and other times with our gazebo when the caravan is too big.

We are here to help you with any questions you have - which could be on anything from accounts to metering - and promoting water conservation is a big part of what we do. Every year we give customers thousands of free water-saving devices to help them save money on their water and energy bills. One of our other popular giveaways is our 'gunk pot' which we encourage people to use instead of disposing of cooking oil, fat or grease down the sink.

We also visit primary schools and deliver our specially devised education modules that fit in with the National Curriculum. It's all about educating children about what a precious resource water is and how lucky we are in this country to have clean water on tap, but it's also great fun. We talk to the children about how water is cleaned, and they have a go at making their own filters to turn dirty water into clean water. We also lead activities around the water cycle and for the very young there are art and floor mat activities. We always end up making a mess but the kids love it.

This month (June) we'll be at the Mother & Baby Show at Westpoint in Exeter, the Saltash Regatta, Mazey Day in Penzance, South Hams District Council's Connect event in Kingsbridge and the West Cornwall Motor Show. So, whatever your question or problem, come and visit us - we're very friendly and here to help. We'll make you a cup of tea, have a chat and you can leave us with some free water-saving products and a gunk pot!

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