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Frequently asked questions

What is a swale? What do SuDS look like?

A swale is a water conveyance feature which is typically a wide, shallow depression. They are used around the world in sustainable drainage to hold stormwater for a short time and alleviate flooding.

Below are some images of swales in the UK and beyond:

Examples of swales, basins and other conveyances
bridge over swale at Upton 2012
Conveyance in Malmo
Swale in Upton, NorthamptonshireConveyance in Malmo, Sweden
Detention basin in Ipswich Susdrain
Olympic Park swale
Retention basin in IpswichSwale at the Olympic Park, London
Eden project
Susdrain -  The Manor Image_2
Conveyance at the Eden Project, CornwallSheffield, Yorkshire

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