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Fire Sprinkler Systems

image depicting Fire Sprinkler Systems
Fire Sprinkler Systems
South West Water guide to fire sprinkler systems

Water Pressure

SWW will meet the requirements of the Water Industry Act 1991 and the Guaranteed Standards Scheme in relation to pressure. This means providing minimum pressure of 7 metres static head. SWW cannot guarantee pressures above the minimum guaranteed standard. This should always be taken into consideration by the designer/installer before proceeding with any installation.

Customers and designers should be aware that network water pressures may vary depending on the season and time of day. The water supply may also be interrupted at any time for a variety of reasons including planned and unplanned/emergency maintenance or third party damage events. SWW may also alter the water pressure in the network from time to time to meet the differing demands of the network but will continue to meet the guaranteed standard. Should a customer decide to install a sprinkler system directly from the mains water supply and SWW modify the water distribution as described above, SWW will not be held liable for any failure of the fire sprinkler installation or for the consequences of not installing a storage based system.

Water Sprinkler Designers'/ Installers' Responsibility

The designer/installer shall install a sprinkler system in accordance with the appropriate British / European standard and comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. There shall not be any connections from the dedicated fire fighting supply for domestic purposes. The designer/installer shall take into account that SWW will not guarantee flows and pressure above the GSS standards set out above and as already explained the supply may be interrupted due to planned activities on the network or due to a burst on the supply network.

Building Owners' Responsibilities

They shall consult with the respective water sprinkler designer/installer before requesting any new water connection. It is the building owners' responsibility to specify the required internal diameter of service pipe connection when making a request for a new water connection.

Owners shall discharge all claims made by any person in respect of any liability which arises from or is in any way connected with the operation or failure of the system. They shall indemnify SWW in full on demand for all losses and expenses incurred by it arising from or in any way connected with such liability.

It is the owner occupiers' responsibility to maintain the associated check / isolation valves and ensure that the fire system is serviced as per the manufacturers' recommendations.

Building owners shall ensure that the pipe work used for fire fighting fittings purposes is solely used for this purpose and does not have any connections to other fittings. The building owner shall indemnify SWW against any loss of revenue associated with water usage not in connection with fire fighting or testing or fire fighting fittings.

If a water meter is not installed on a fire fighting dedicated supply and it is identified that the owner has used water from that supply for non fire fighting activities, the owner shall at their expense install a water meter for that supply and pay charges for non fire fighting usage. It is an offence to use water in this manner and legal proceedings will be instigated.

To view our full fire sprinkler policy please click here pdficon.gif icon Fire Sprinkler Policy (369kb)

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