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Help where it's needed

We aim to treat all our customers appropriately to their circumstances and we offer a range of schemes and initiatives for those who genuinely struggle to pay their bills. We also offer practical advice in areas such as water and energy efficiency.

Our affordability schemes include:

  • WaterCare+ - a free service which includes a household water use audit and benefit analysis.
  • ReStart scheme - which helps customers reduce their debt by incentivising them towards a pattern of regular payments
  • instalment-based payment plans
  • WaterSure tariff - for those in receipt of means-tested benefit or Tax Credit
  • FreshStart £1m fund - managed by an independent board for one-off hardship cases.
  • WaterCare tariff - ourmeans-tested social tariff for those on very low incomes.

More information on all our schemes (jncluding how to apply) can be found here.  

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