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Choosing an Apprenticeship in the Communications Team

Apprentice Emily Stephenson talks about her experience working in the Communications team and why she chose an apprenticeship at South West Water.

Emily Stephenson
Like most college graduates I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do after college and where I wanted to be. I was hesitant about going to university and felt a lot of pressure from my college to do so, which made me think that if I didn't go then what else would I do? After completing my A-levels in Media and Film and a BTEC in Journalism I was certain that what I wanted to do was in the media industry. Over the summer I looked at internships but I couldn't get anything that interested me locally meaning that I would have to potentially move away for a few months which at the time wasn't an option for me.

After a few months I looked at apprenticeships and saw how popular they were becoming. The idea of working in an environment that I was interested in was very appealing. Taking an apprenticeship meant that I would gain valuable on-the-job experience that I perhaps wouldn't get by going to university. It also meant that as well as working full-time I would also take time out once a week to attend day release at college and gain qualifications that will enable me to progress.

When I heard about the apprenticeship with the Communications Team, working as a digital media apprentice, I was excited at the opportunities that could arise from this job. Everything about this apprenticeship appealed to me and it meant I could broaden my skills on digital media as previously in college I had studied print. It also meant that I could gain new skills in areas that I had only previously touched on before.

Almost five months into my apprenticeship and it's still the best decision I've ever made, each day is a new surprise and brings a new skill to learn. Since starting here I have been working on various projects such as creating video content, setting up/designing web pages, digital design work and social media campaigns. The support and guidance that I have been given from both my mentor and manager as well as the rest of the team has allowed me to settle in quickly and for my confidence to grow and has allowed me to progress quickly. Having lots of other apprentices around also makes the experience so much better as it means there is always someone to talk to and as we're all of the same age it means we have quite a lot in common.

I study once a week at Plymouth College of Art, for an NVQ in Creative Media. Everything is tailored to your job role and what you require to progress. The facilities are amazing and everything you could ever need is available for you.

I would recommend an apprenticeship at South West Water because there are so many opportunities available to you, as well a diverse skill set and the chance to meet lots of new people and experience difference departments.

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