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Standpipe hire

There are times when you may require a supply of water outside our normal supply arrangements. In these instances, a standpipe could be the ideal solution. Standpipes are portable devices which can be used to obtain a temporary water supply from our distribution network.

Unauthorised access to our hydrants creates a potential risk to water quality, which could result in public health issues, and could damage our infrastructure. It can also interfere with our operations or fire service activities. As a result, we only allow connection to our distribution network by using standpipes hired from our approved supplier Aquam Water Services Ltd

All of our approved standpipes are fitted with an anti-pollution device to prevent back-flow and reduce the risk of contamination entering the public water supply.

For more information or to arrange standpipe hire, please call Aquam Water Services Ltd on 0844 756 4000 or email them via southwestwater@waterservicesltd.com.

 Unauthorised use of fire hydrants and taking water without permission are criminal acts. Continued use of non-approved standpipes will lead to prosecution.

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