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Tankered Waste - Waste Water & Trade Effluent

Reduce effluent costs & improve performance...

Waste Water & Trade Effluent
When waste water cannot be discharged to sewer we may accept waste by tanker at specific treatment sites across Devon and Cornwall. This service arrangement is operated within South West Water's quality procedures and under licence from the Environment Agency.

We accept a wide range of effluent types including cesspool or septic waste from domestic households through to trade wastes derived from leachate and organic materials.

If you have an enquiry for a new type of waste stream, please complete the Commercial Waste Treatment Enquiry form and email this to tankeredwaste@southwestwater.co.uk or call 01392 443376 with all the relevant information.

We place an emphasis on:
Customer peace of mind
Environmental protection
Legal compliance
Recycling and re-use

We offer a secure and environmentally sound route for disposal of liquid wastes 

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