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Colebrook scheme completion event

In April, we completed the £2million multi-agency flood alleviation scheme to protect 47 homes in the small village of Colebrook, near Plympton.

The project was jointly funded by South West Water, the Environment Agency and Plymouth City Council to tackle all the flooding risks in the village.

On Friday 24 April South West Water hosted an event in the local pub (The Colebrook Inn) to celebrate the completion of the scheme. Members of the Environment Agency and Plymouth City Council were invited, alongside staff who had helped in completing the construction of the project and many local residents who had been directly affected by flooding.

South West Water's Head of Waste Water Services Richard Gilpin spoke about the successful completion of the £2million scheme and thanked the local residents for their cooperation and patience before inviting guests to join him for a buffet lunch.

It was really nice to see the strong community spirit in Colebrook and to hear from the local residents how pleased they are that there is now a scheme in place to stop flooding. It was particularly interesting to hear from the residents how they felt about the completion of scheme - while the majority of them were pleased that it has now been completed, others felt that it was the end of an era as they had watched the project from start to finish. One gentleman I had the pleasure of speaking to told me about his trips to the site where he watched the tunnelling machine come out of the ground and how it was an 'amazing experience'. One woman I spoke to spoke to me about the work taking place outside her house and how over the months she had built up a friendship with the workers mentioning how friendly and helpful they were if she had a question. She said how sad it will be to see them go but how she is grateful for all their hard work.

Colebrook event collage

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