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Levels of Service

We are now publishing our performance against levels of service targets for a broad range of developer services activities which are essential for housing development and other construction projects.

Water UK produced a set of standards that developers and others can expect from water companies in relation to the provision of infrastructure.  These are a development of draft standards originally published as part of the government guide Better Connected: A practical guide to utilities for home builders.

Since July 2015 Water UK has been reporting on levels of services achieved.

The chart below will be updated on a quarterly basis to show how we are performing.

Water                                 SWW              Industry Average

Quarter 2 (2016/17)        99.40%            97.96%

Quarter 1  (2016/17)        99.34%           97.88%

Quarter 4  (2015/16)        98.6&              97.95%

Quarter 3  (2015/16)        97%                95.55%

Quarter 2  (2015/16)        96%                93%

Quarter 1 (2015/16)         91%                89%

Sewerage                          SWW            Industry Average

Quarter 2 (2016/17)         99.71%          99.48%

Quarter 1  (2016/17)        99%               99.09%

Quarter 4  (2015/16)        97.08%           98.39%

Quarter 3   (2015/16)       99%                98%

Quarter 2   (2015/16)       98%                93%

Quarter 1   (2015/16)       96%                94%

We are committed to improving the service we provide to our customers which is demonstrated in the chart above. 

Some of our highlights include industry leading performance on Pre-planning enquiries and Sewer Connections.  We have also seen a substantial increase in performance in all areas of the S45 (New Connections) process.

To find out more about the standards and to show our performance against other Water Companies, please click here.

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