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Health & Safety

South West Water's principal asset is its staff, and it strives at all times to ensure that their safety is not compromised and that the work they do does not have an adverse impact on their health. The role of the central Health & Safety Team is to ensure that management systems are in place to provide both managers and employees with the tools they need to ensure that these objectives are met.

South West Water's number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of its staff, from the time they arrive at work to the time they leave for home. With employees working at treatment works and other sites right across the south west, sometimes at remote locations, having due regard to safety and health is essential to the smooth running of the organisation.

The central Health & Safety Team provides professional advice, support and assistance to ensure that the company meets its legal obligations, and this is delivered through a management system that the Team is responsible for producing, implementing, and monitoring. Any such system needs to be simple to use and focused on the significant risks faced by the business, which is why it can only be produced and maintained by continual engagement with the personnel who face the hazards on a day-to-day basis.

The Team also analyses statistics to track trends, and takes proactive measures, such as health surveillance, to protect all employees. In addition, the Team must ensure controls are in place to protect others who may be affected by South West Water's works, including members of the public.

The Team is also responsible for monitoring changes in water industry legislation and providing the procedures and systems to deliver compliance with that legislation.

If you are passionate about providing a first class health & safety service to over 1,300 employees, and if you are happy working alone in remote areas, the Health & Safety Team would like to hear from you.

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