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Another day in the life of a meter reader

Meter reader Martin Sadowski describes some of the more unusual challenges he can encounter in his working day

Martin Sadowski - Blog
It has often been said, by those who do not know, that reading meters just means walking the streets lifting lids all day.

It's true that on occasion it can be just that, but the reality involves crawling under bushes to try to read badly placed meters only to find out it is so deep in the chamber that you need to be on top of it.

There is also lots of walking across fields and crossing muddy farmyards. We encounter all kinds of farm animals and then there are the creepy crawlies. I didn't know spiders grew so big! Then there are the slugs, snails and, of course, ants. You can bet that when you open the lid they will attack you while you try and uncover the meter to read the digits.

In Autumn we have a new set of problems, mainly leaves, mud and water, the risk of getting the van stuck in a muddy lane, cutting back undergrowth, digging up meter covers.

The other day I went in search of a meter that I have been looking for on a couple of runs into this area. The field was prepared with long grass ready to feed this season's bullocks. As I walked across the field I heard a metallic crash and my leg disappeared sending me down a hole and falling forward.

I pulled myself up and lay on my back looking up at the sky. My knee and ego were bruised but at least no one saw me, and at least I found the meter.

Well I thought I did...but no, it took a bit more hunting.

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