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Innovation and efficiency

South West Water continues to target innovative ways to reduce operational costs and mitigate potential volatility in the price of energy, chemicals and other essential raw materials.

In recent years our adoption of new or enhanced technologies such as remote network monitoring and control has helped us manage our systems, processes and staff more efficiently.

We also target low-cost sustainable solutions. This includes initiatives such as Upstream Thinking, and more recently Downstream Thinking, which look at how intervention at catchment level can reduce the need for infrastructure intensive methods of water and wastewater management.

Communication technologies are also a key part of our strategy for improving operational efficiency.

Through PUROS (Phased Utilisation of Remote Operating Systems) we are improving the way information is gathered and disseminated around the business. Remote technologies are giving us greater control over our resources and ensuring we can respond to any issues more quickly and effectively.

Advances in technology in areas such as drinking water treatment also offer scope for reducing the costs of our operations. The new drinking water treatment works for North Plymouth, planned for the 2015-20 period, will utilise cutting edge technology that is more cost-effective than traditional water treatment methods. Check out the video below.

Investments in this type of scheme are vital to ensure a sustainable future for our business.

Alongside the optimisation of our assets and networks, our growing use of renewable energy schemes is designed to help minimise our operational costs. As part of our energy strategy this is complemented by our ongoing work to foster a culture of efficiency and promote energy-saving with our staff.

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