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Work progressing well at Camels Head Sewage Treatment Works

image depicting Cllr Tudor Evans and Andrew Roantree at Camels Head
Cllr Tudor Evans and Andrew Roantree at Camels Head
Work is progressing well on the £3million improvement scheme at Camels Head Sewage Treatment Works to replace the site's primary settlement tanks with new primary filtration technology and upgrade the sludge treatment process.

Eight new Salsnes units, an innovative primary treatment system from Norway, will replace the old settlement tanks. This will be the first time this technology has been used in the UK on this scale.

Camels Head has a history of odour-related problems. Improvements have been made over the years but the site's primary settlement tanks remain the main source of the ongoing intermittent odour issues due to their age and outdated configuration.

Now nearly 80 years old, the tanks are challenging to operate and keep clean as well as having a large surface area, all of which can contribute to odour issues.

South West Water's Director of Waste Water Services (East), Andrew Roantree, hosted a visit from Plymouth City Council Leader and Ham representative Tudor Evans this week to show the new units under construction.  

Andrew said: "This project presented some challenges because the site is surrounded on all sides and is fully developed within its boundaries, so there are no free areas available for further construction.

"The new primary filtration units are being built on a smaller footprint than the old tanks, and we are confident that once operational in the summer they will reduce the risk of odour from Camels Head."

Cllr Tudor Evans said: "My colleague Cllr Mark Coker and I have lobbied for improvements at Camels Head and we are delighted to see the new units taking shape. To have secured the funding for this project means a lot to the local community."

Published: 1 April 2016

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