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Ice cleansing process a success

image depicting Chris Rockey and Richard Dennis raise a glass to ice crystal cleansing
Chris Rockey and Richard Dennis raise a glass to ice crystal cleansing
Work to clean a major water main in Tiverton using cutting-edge ice crystal technology has been hailed a success.

South West Water is pleased with the results from the deep clean, which uses an ice crystal solution similar to slush puppy to scrape mineral deposits inside the pipe.

The ice crystal cleansing process cleans the pipe more quickly than traditional methods, meaning the supply interruption experienced by about 240 customers was just 10 per cent of what it would have been using traditional techniques like flushing, swabbing or air scouring. The whole process was completed in just a few hours.

The process uses a computer-calibrated ice crystal mixture which is pumped into the main and pushed along the pipe using water pressure. The plug of ice is driven through the main until it reaches a pre-planned exit point - normally a fire hydrant. The ice is collected and removed off-site for appropriate disposal.

During the whole process the quality of the water in front, within and behind the ice plug is carefully monitored. Once the cleaning team are completely satisfied the level of clean and water quality have been achieved, the pipe is returned to normal service.

Chris Rockey South West Water's Head of Science and Water Quality, said: "This is the first time we have used ice crystal cleaning on a water main in the South West but we will definitely be doing it again. It cleans very effectively and is quicker and cheaper than traditional methods, causing less disruption for our customers.

"Our number one priority is to provide our customers with a clean, safe and reliable supply of drinking water free from any unwanted taste, colour or smell, and this deep clean should help keep tap water in Tiverton in great condition for many years to come."

There's more information about the ice crystal cleansing process here.

The ice crystal cleansing process
Ice crystals are pumped from the tanker into the main
The optimum solution is calculated by computer
Chris Rockey enjoys a refreshing sample from the clean main

Published: 19 April 2016

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