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As a business so closely associated with the environment, South West Water is acutely aware of its environmental impact and obligations.

We recognise that the abstraction, treatment and delivery of drinking water, and the removal and safe disposal of waste water all have implications for river and sea water quality.

We appreciate that the energy used to carry out these processes has implications for carbon levels and pollution, and we understand that the scale of our operations brings with it a scale of responsibility in how we manage our workforce and operational activities.

For South West Water environmental sustainability spans not only the practice of meeting environmental standards but also the drive to find new ways of working that deliver better environmental outcomes.

Our environmental achievements include:

  • Upstream Thinking - our pioneering whole-catchment approach to improving raw water quality
  • increasing our renewable energy sources
  • investing every year in our network so that our bathing waters continue to meet tough environmental standards
  • working with partners to reduce sewer flooding
  • investing in new technologies to reduce chemicals and energy in our processes
  • working with the South West Lakes Trust for wildlife conservation, recreation and access at our reservoirs.
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