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Exmouth sewer upgrade update

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Bad weather and a burst sewer have unfortunately delayed the completion of a scheme to upgrade 1.1km of sewer between Phear Park pumping station and Jarvis Close in Exmouth.

Work started on 31 October 2016 and was due for completion by 10 March 2017. The work will now be complete by 28 April 2017. Until then:

  • The cycle path between Marpool Hill and Bradham Lane will remain closed with diversions in place
  • The cycle lane on Bradham Lane, between 117 Bradham Lane and Salterton Road, will remain closed with diversions in place
  • The cycle track and footpath from Salterton Road to Cranford Avenue will remain closed with diversions in place
  • Jarvis Close will remain closed to traffic between Number 9 Jarvis Close and Cranford Avenue
  • Cranford Avenue will remain closed to traffic between the junctions of Littleham Road and Barnfield Avenue.

South West Water project manager Andy Young said: "We are continuing to work extended shifts and at weekends to ensure we reopen the cycle path as soon as possible, and we hope to be able to do this before the Easter break.

"We are also completely resurfacing the cycle path for the full length of the closure from Bradham Lane/Salterton Road junction to Marpool Hill, which will benefit cycle path users once it is reopened."

All affected residents, local schools and Sustrans are aware.

Published: 13 March 2017

For further information please contact:

Press Office
South West Water
www: www.southwestwater.co.uk/contactus

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