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Apprentice away day 2017

See what our first-year apprentices got up to on their away day

On 16 May 2017, our first-year apprentices took part in an away day at our training centre in Hatherleigh. The day consisted of team-building activities, personal development discussions and work-related games.

This great opportunity allowed our newer apprentices to get to know each other and the business a little bit more. Throughout the morning our apprentices took part in activities such as building the tallest, freestanding building out of clothing pegs that had to stand upright for 10 minutes. Lewis Dyson, our apprentice from the Sustainability team, said: "I really enjoyed getting to know the other apprentices during the team building games."

Apprentice away day
team building

A session on giving and receiving feedback allowed the apprentices to devise scenarios where they had to give feedback and how they should do this so that the recipient is not offended or disheartened during the discussion. Ollie Donohue, one of our finance apprentices, said: "I learned on the day that giving and receiving feedback, at work, doesn't necessarily always have to be a formal procedure; it can be a quiet, informal chat with a colleague."

A discussion on Personal Development Plans (PDPs) allowed the apprentices to find out about how to set realistic goals and how these can be achieved. They were then set the task of devising a couple of objectives and outlining the steps needed to complete them. Our Training & Quality Specialist apprentice, Owen Buxton, said: "I learnt on the day the steps behind making a PDP and why it is important to create something like that to plan and track objectives."

key finding

During the afternoon, the apprentices took part in some work activities with the Training Team. These games gave the apprentices an insight as to what other department jobs and training are like.

The apprentices were challenged to pair up 12 hazard symbols with their meanings. They also had a hygiene talk and explored how germs can easily get transferred by using a powder that shows under a UV light, then shaking hands and seeing how many people had traces of the powder on them. Another game they took part in was manoeuvring a toy fork lift while blindfolded, where they heavily relied on their team mates for directions.

A game that the apprentices thoroughly enjoyed was the key-searching activity where they were given a list of clues and riddles that led them to six keys. Once they had all six, they had to crawl through a tunnel into a small room with confined space areas. In this room were six switches which were operated by the six keys, these then activated the lights on the other side of the tunnel. Our digital design apprentice Millicent Teague said: "The games in the afternoon were great fun. It was a brilliant opportunity to work with the other apprentices and also find out more about different departments in South West Water."

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