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Surface water drainage

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There are two sewerage tariffs: one for customers with surface water connections to South West Water sewers; and another for customers with private surface water drains.

Surface water refers to rainwater which falls on the impermeable areas of your property e.g. roofs, drives, hard standings and car parks.  Most properties have connections to our sewers for the disposal of this water, but some do not.

Your property is connected for surface water drainage if there are arrangements for rainwater which falls on any part of it to drain into one of our sewers.  It is connected if you have a drain which can receive rainwater from any building on your land and which is connected to our sewers.  Your property is also connected if rainwater from it is conveyed through a channel or drain to a highway drain which connects to our sewer. 

In the past we charged for foul sewage, highway drainage and surface water drainage within a single sewerage charge, so we do not hold complete records of which properties use our surface water disposal service. 

If you think your property does not have a surface water drainage connection, please complete the form below.

Please note: If your home is in the main part of a town, it is extremely unlikely that its surface water will NOT drain into one of our sewers.

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    1. Complete this form ONLY if you think that surface water from your property does NOT drain into our sewers.

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