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Can't pay your bill?

If you have problems paying a bill, please do not ignore it. We understand only too well that some of our customers may have problems paying all of their household bills.

If you do not have a water meter we can discuss whether switching to metered charges may give you a lower bill.  Meters are installed free of charge and you can change back to unmetered charging within 2 years if you are not happy.

If you are already on a meter, we will check to see whether you are entitled to any help with your bill and send you information about simple water-saving measures you can take to reduce water use and the amount you have to pay.

We will also discuss your personal circumstances with you to agree a payment plan.  For example, if you have arrears on your account, we will see whether we can spread repayment over a longer period of time to reduce your instalments.

We have a Code of Practice on Payment and Debt Recovery which has been approved by our regulator Ofwat. 

Payment problems rarely just go away.  A call to us now may prevent problems getting worse. 

We are here to help - call our Debt Helpline on 0800 0830 283 (Minicom 0800 169 9965) Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm or Saturdays between 9am and 1pm.

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