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Getting a water supply for a new development

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This section explains generally what will need to be done in order to connect a new development to our water supply service.

Please contact us as soon as possible. We can then give you specific advice about your requirements and how we can best service them.

We are entitled to choose how we provide a supply so that we do not deliver a sub-standard service to any future customers. For example, if the nearest water main does not have sufficient pressure for your development, we may require it to be connected to a main which is further away but which has a higher water pressure within it. Early discussions will ensure that you have all the information you require for estimating the costs of building and servicing your development.

Developers may wish to request for South West Water to carry out a Pre Development Enquiry for proposed developments to ensure there is adequate capacity within the clean water network. Should you wish for South West Water to carry out the high level evaluation, please click here Pre development capacity enquiry

In normal circumstances, three things will have to be done to obtain a water supply for a new development:

  • The internal plumbing and underground service pipes for the individual properties will have to meet the standards now laid down by Government in the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.
  • On-site water mains will have to be laid to distribute water on the site.
  • An off-site main might have to be laid to connect the development to our nearest water main.

Should you require a connection for a single property or do not require a public water main to be installed, then please do not complete the application form below.  Instead, please refer to our 'Apply for a new or replacement water connection to an existing water main' page for further information and relevant application form.

As an alternative to having new mains and service connections installed by us, developers can arrange for the work to be carried out by qualified contractors.  This process is known as Self Lay.  Please click here for further information regarding the Self Lay Process.

Water Regulations

For more information regarding water regulations please visit Water regulations

Need an approved plumber?

We recommend using plumbing companies or contractors who are in a government approved scheme such as WIAPS. For more information please use the following link (takes you to an external website) https://www.watersafe.org.uk/

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