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Diversion of public sewers

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If your development site currently has a public sewer within it, a diversion may be required to allow your development to progress.

Anyone with an interest in any land which contains a public sewer or associated apparatus has the right to request the alteration or removal, including diversion (generally referred to throughout this document as diversion) of that apparatus to accommodate a proposed improvement of that land (e.g. development or change of use).  This right is granted by Section 185 of the WIA91 and extends to anyone with an interest in adjacent land where the presence of public sewerage apparatus would hinder proposed improvement.  This does not apply to sewers in any public highway.

To request for a public sewer to be diverted, it will be necessary to complete a Sewer Requisition or Diversion Application Form. We would recommend that reference is made to our guidance notes to assist in completing the application.

If you are a private customer planning a small building project (e.g. an extension, garage or garden room) wholly on your own land and are unsuccessful in your application to build over or close-to our sewer, you may by eligible for our Small Build Sewer Diversion process.

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