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Bogus callers

image depicting Bogus callers
Bogus callers
Sadly, there are criminals who will pretend to work for us to get entry into homes.

For your protection,when we make an appointment to visit you, we will ask you if you would like to give us a password for our visiting employee to use so you know that person works for us.

It is very rare for us to call on a customer without an appointment.

If someone knocks on your door and you are not expecting anyone to call:

Look out - Can you see who's outside by looking through a window? Are they wearing a uniform showing the logo of a company you recognise? If they're not, be extra cautious.

Safety chain on - If you have a safety chain on your door put it on now.

Demand to see an ID card - If you've put the safety chain on, open the door and ask to see the caller's ID.  If you haven't got a safety chain, ask the caller to pass his or her ID in through a window or even put it through the letterbox.

Call us - If your caller claims to be from South West Water or working for South West Water and you're not sure, call us on 0344 346 2020* to check.

Our staff, or anyone working for us, will be happy to wait outside while you call.  They will not try to persuade you not to call us.

Always remember if you get an unexpected caller - if you're not sure don't open the door!

Bogus phone calls

Asked to take a survey? From time to time we do commission customer experience surveys over the phone, but if you are not sure that the call is genuine then please do not share any personal information, ask the caller to confirm the details of why they are calling, then hang up and call us on 0344 346 2020* to check.

*03 numbers are charged at standard rates and will be included in any free minutes in a mobile or landline phone contract.

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