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Enjoy the lakes

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Everyone is drawn magnetically to the beauty, tranquillity and possibilities of a lake.

Our reservoirs are no exception, and South West Water works with the South West Lakes Trust, a charity, to make leisure and recreation activities available to everyone at its reservoirs.

Take a look at some of the beautiful photos visitors have taken at our lakes 

Whether it's the dramatic highs of wakeboarding at Siblyback, the thrill of skimming across Roadford Lake on a windsurfer, or peaceful walk at stunning Burrator Lake, the lakes of the South West offer something for everyone.

Many lakes and their surrounding land are ideal for coarse or trout angling, watersports, picnicking and relaxing. Angling and watersports facilities are avialble at Upper Tamar Lake which now hosts a number of clubs including fishing and model yatching.

To find out all about the recreation possibilities at our lakes, and much more, visit the South West Lakes Trust website.

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