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The Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep has been the main focus of South West Water for almost 18 years:

Over £1.5 billion has been invested in improving the water quality of the region's bathing areas, making it the largest environmental programme of its kind in Europe.

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As a result of Clean Sweep, 250 crude sewage outfalls have been closed and 140 projects have been completed.

The incredible success of the programme was evident in 2006, when for the first time all 144 bathing sites in South West  Water's region achieved 100% compliance with the EU mandatory standard.

The 2007 Good Beach Guide, published by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), states "the South West is the top performing region in this year's guide" and recommends over 80% of beaches in South West Water's operating region.

The European 'Blue Flag' was awarded to 93 beaches and five marinas in 2007. Of these, 25 beaches and one marina are in South West Water's region.

Of  England's 221 Encams Seaside Awards in 2006, 69 were awarded to sites in South West Water's area.

Clean Sweep locations and the year they where delivered

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