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Drinking water quality

image depicting Drinking Water Quality
Drinking Water Quality
Water is essential for life, and here at South West Water we are passionate about providing excellent quality drinking water to our customers.

We work tirelessly to maintain the quality of your supply and monitor it continuously to ensure it meets with some of the tightest drinking water standards in the world. As a result, our tap water is amongst the best quality in the country.

Drinking tap water is the most economical, environmentally friendly and convenient way of keeping hydrated and we want you to enjoy the water we supply.

The links below take you to information about your drinking water quality and may aid you with any quality related issues you experience.

Chlorine-featuread.fw   Waterhardnessfeature   Discoloured-feature  
Chlorine and other tastes Water hardness Discoloured and cloudy water
2c lead pipel-featureadjpg   Quality info feature ad   Top 10 tips feature  
Lead pipes Water quality information Top 10 tips for keeping water safe

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