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South West Water is situated at the heart of the region and our company vision, to provide 'Pure Water, Pure Service and a Pure Environment', is at the heart of everything we do.

We are leaders in sustainability and our employees work tirelessly to keep the region's drinking water, beaches and sewerage systems in line with stringent UK and European Union standards.

South West Water believes that by investing in the future of the region, we are not only improving the quality of life for today's residents and visitors but are also taking responsibility for future generations.

The Operations Directorate encompasses all Operational Water Care Functions - including Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Waste Water Services and Operations Performance and Support.
Business Services and Sustainability
The Business Services & Sustainability directorate has been formed to enhance the value of the company. Through developing profitable business ventures, driving sustainability intuitive, winning support of staff and external stakeholders through effective communication and by providing the people services that drive the business in the delivery of change; the directorate will enable our company's vision to achieve Top 3.
The Finance Directorate encompasses all of our Financial functions - including Financial Control, Financial Support, Property and Procurement.
The Regulations Directorate encompasses all our regulatory functions - including Regulation Reporting, Business Planning, Water Strategy and Environmental.
Engineering and Supply Chain
The Engineering & Supply Chain Directorate comprises a wide range of functions that are involved in maintaining and improving our clean water and waste water capital assets and in providing a wide range of support services to the business.
Domestic Customer and Commercial Services
The Domestic Customer and Commercial Services Directorate brings together process focused departments responsible for improving the services which support our customer base. The Directorate is responsible for business improvements which will shape the way the company operates in the future.
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