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The Operations Directorate encompasses all Operational Water Care Functions - including Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Waste Water Services and Operations Performance and Support.

Drinking Water Services
Our customers' daily demand requires us to produce over 650 mega litres of drinking water every day. Drinking Water Services is responsible for meeting this demand.
Waste Water Services
South West Water is responsible for treating and discharging 600,000 tonnes of sewage every day. It is therefore essential that our sewer network is maintained to the highest standards.
Technical Services
South West Water has over 80,000 mechanical, electrical and computer controlled operational assets, located at water and sewage treatment works throughout the region.
Services and Control Centre
If something is happening at South West Water, you can almost guarantee the Services and Control Centre will know about it. As the control centre for the company, it acts as the interface between Customer Services and Operations, dealing with customer contacts that require action.

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