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Engineering and Supply Chain

image depicting Teignmouth - Even Cleaner Seas
Teignmouth - Even Cleaner Seas
The Engineering & Supply Chain Directorate comprises a wide range of functions that are involved in maintaining and improving our clean water and waste water capital assets and in providing a wide range of support services to the business.
Constructing excellence

Capital Programme Delivery
To service the needs of our customers, SWW produces over 650 mega litres of drinking water and treat and disposes of around 600,000 tonnes of sewage every day. To do this, we have hundreds of treatment works, reservoirs and pumping stations. If laid end-to-end, our water pipes and sewer pipes would stretch all the way to Australia and back. Maintaining these assets involves a lot of work and a lot of expertise - Engineering spend in excess of £100m every year doing just that.
Contracts & Commercial Management
The team has two functions. First, it provides the centre of expertise for all matters relating to the management of contracts with the contractors, consultants and suppliers that we use. Second, it provides independent cost challenge and audit services for the capital investment managed both by Engineering and for the wider business.
Emergency Planning & Security
Security and resilience are of paramount importance to South West Water, both in maintaining essential services for customers by protecting water supplies, and in minimising risks to personnel who often have to work at remote sites.
Facilities & Support Services
Ever wondered what keeps a large region-wide organisation like South West Water functioning on a daily basis? Well, that is the role of the Facilities & Support Services team.
Health & Safety
South West Water's principal asset is its staff, and it strives at all times to ensure that their safety is not compromised and that the work they do does not have an adverse impact on their health. The role of the central Health & Safety Team is to ensure that management systems are in place to provide both managers and employees with the tools they need to ensure that these objectives are met.
South West Water's suppliers are a key element in our vision of supplying Pure Water, Pure Service and a Pure Environment to our customers throughout the South West and we spend over £200 million each year buying in services and supplies. Achieving quality combined with value for money is our key aim.
Programme Performance
The Programme Performance team are a specialist support function to many of the other teams in the Engineering and Supply Directorate.
Property & Estates
The Property and Estates teams work with numerous internal departments, external organisations and individuals to facilitate the successful delivery of capital schemes, development activities and to realise maximum value from our property assets.
Solution Development
The Scoping team work with the Asset Planning team in Operations and the Commercial Management team to develop and define what work is needed to maintain our capital assets and ensure that they meet the latest regulatory standards.
Technical Support
The Technical Performance Team provides technical governance and support for capital investment design and delivery in Engineering together with specialist support for the wider business, particularly Operations, in the maintenance of our assets for the delivery of water and waste water services to our customers.
Ever wondered what keeps a large region-wide organisation like South West Water functioning on a daily basis? If so, look no further than Transport and Facilities.

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