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Domestic Customer and Commercial Services

image depicting Domestic Customer and Commercial Services
Domestic Customer and Commercial Services
The Domestic Customer and Commercial Services Directorate brings together process focused departments responsible for improving the services which support our customer base. The Directorate is responsible for business improvements which will shape the way the company operates in the future.
The functions include, Information Services, Customer Experience, Affordability and Policy, Wholesale Commercial, Compliance and Customer Operations.
Metering Contacts Team
The Metering Contacts team manages the contacts from customers regarding their metered supplies.
Meter Reading
The purpose of the Meter Reading section is to ensure that the company fulfils its obligation that more than 99.85% of metered customers have their water meter read and billed at least once every financial year.
Customer Relations
Customer Relations is responsible for ensuring that our 'Pure Service' vision comes alive for employees and customers alike.
Information Services (IS)
The Information Services (IS) department provides proactive and innovative IT solutions and support for South West Water and its partners.

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