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Supply strategy

image depicting SWW’s strategy aims to ensure our customers’ supplies
SWW’s strategy aims to ensure our customers’ supplies
As with all other elements of the company's business, there is a clearly defined strategy encompassing water storage, distribution and supply, which is designed to ensure the company is able to provide a constant supply of high quality drinking water to our customers.

The strategy itself has at its core our three main strategic reservoirs: Wimbleball Lake on Exmoor, Colliford Lake on Bodmin Moor and Roadford Reservoir in Mid-Devon.

These reservoirs effectively use the river systems in Devon and Cornwall to transport water to where it is needed, in an environmentally friendly manner.

These three large reservoirs provide backup to a number of smaller reservoirs, water abstracted from rivers and groundwater sources such as boreholes and springs.

Many of the sources are connected by pipelines to enable us to move water to where it is needed most.

The following pages will give you information on our water supply strategy and remember, when you see reference to megalitres, it means one million litres which is approximately 220,000 gallons.

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