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Services and Control Centre

If something is happening at South West Water, you can almost guarantee the Services and Control Centre will know about it. As the control centre for the company, it acts as the interface between Customer Services and Operations, dealing with customer contacts that require action.

The Services and Control Centre is comprised of the following teams:

Service Centre Team - has the responsibility of creating good customer relations for the benefit of the company and the customers involved, via the appropriate resolution of customer contacts that are not resolved in the Call Centre.

Control Centre Team - provides 24 hour support to other functions to ensure work is coordinated and accurately completed whilst providing the interface for local authority contacts.

Performance and Coaching Team - responsible for developing and running a comprehensive suite of performance reports on the customer contact process, as well as working with teams to make the best use of information.

Energy Team - monitors, controls and reports on energy usage within the company, purchases energy from reputable sources, promotes and monitors energy efficiency and promotes and develops the use of non-polluting renewable energy.

GIS Team - maintains and updates geographical mapping systems. (GIS = Geographical Information Services)

If you are the type of person who excels in a crisis or thrives in a busy environment, the Services and Control Centre could be just the department for you.

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