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Meter Reading

The purpose of the Meter Reading section is to ensure that the company fulfils its obligation that more than 99.85% of metered customers have their water meter read and billed at least once every financial year.

They also read all customer-generated reading requests. These include customers moving house or who are physically unable to check their water meter. On average, the team handle over 40,000 requests to read meters.

Four regional team leaders manage a total of 39 meter readers, who read an ever increasing number of water meters. The current number stands at nearly 600,000, which for the majority of customers are read twice a year while nearly 4,500 are read on a monthly basis.

The work is physically demanding with the meter readers exposed to the elements all year round. It can also be a challenge to find obscure water meter locations in the countryside, such as under hedgerows or in fields.

For many South West Water customers, the meter reader is likely to be the only person they see from the company and therefore you should expect to deal with enquiries of all descriptions.

If you like working outdoors, driving, and managing your own day to ensure your monthly assigned work is completed, then working with us could be just the thing for you.

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