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Property & Estates

The Property and Estates teams work with numerous internal departments, external organisations and individuals to facilitate the successful delivery of capital schemes, development activities and to realise maximum value from our property assets.

The Property Management Team responsibilities can be briefly summarised as:

  • Managing the day-to-day portfolio of SWW owned and leased property
  • Identifying and collecting information about potential sites for optimisation and ultimately for sale
  • Keeping the company's Property Management Systems up to date and administering all deeds and documents relating to SWW land and buildings

A great deal of SWW's work involves a requirement to gain access to private third party land for the purposes of effectively providing water and sewerage services.

The task of the Estates Department is to facilitate this access, from identifying and liaising with the landowners concerned (whether it be for new works or maintenance on existing apparatus), serving of notices, gaining access to the land, to assessment and payment of compensation for the works carried out - which frequently involves dealing with agents acting on the landowners behalf.

On top of this, the Estates Department has experience in dealing with:

  • Leases and licenses of the company's land
  • Radio masts on our sites
  • Maintenance and assessment of the company's land for single farm payments and other subsidies
  • General occupation issues to do with the land, including ownership, trespass and upkeep
  • Acquisition of new land for new apparatus and works
  • Legalities of pipework and easements within highways
  • Loss of profits suffered to businesses as a result of works being carried out by the company, including the assessment of any claim submitted.
  • Structural and land record of conditions prior to gaining access for works.

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