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Contracts & Commercial Management

The team has two functions. First, it provides the centre of expertise for all matters relating to the management of contracts with the contractors, consultants and suppliers that we use. Second, it provides independent cost challenge and audit services for the capital investment managed both by Engineering and for the wider business.

The team is the centre of expertise for all matters relating to the management of contracts within Engineering and the wider business. They are responsible for the following activities:

  • Managing contracts from the negotiation and award stage to closedown ensuring that contractual costs are benchmarked, challenged and correctly assessed in accordance with the contract provisions.
  • Maintaining close liaison with the personnel responsible for commercial and project management to ensure that there is a shared understanding of the contract status on all projects.
  • Maintaining key contract performance indicators and performance management systems to ensure continuous improvement in the use of the contract forms used including open book processes, developing risk and cost reduction strategies, proposing targets and benchmarking achievement.
  • Advising on the assembly of multiple projects into effective contract packages.
  • Maintaining contract risk registers for the contracted work and ensuring the risks are assigned correctly to the contracted parties as work proceeds.

The team also provides independent cost challenge and audit services for capital investment to ensure we spend our customers money carefully and wisely including:

  • Preparing target costs for individual projects based on agreed scopes including challenging cost and risk changes resulting from Value Engineering of projects.
  • Challenging the scope, process and equipment components of proposed projects to ensure we do the right things at the right cost.
  • Identifying and evaluating risks and their associated financial consequences and proposing potential mitigation measures.
  • Completion of project cost audits to ensure we make the correct payments to our contractors, consultants and suppliers.
  • Contract Final Account settlement.
  • Maintaining unit cost models for business planning including Whole Life Costing and Carbon accounting to support capital investment decisions.

This work requires a wide range of expertise in construction and cost management. If you have this combination of skills we would like to hear from you.

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